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Guittard Chocolates
Guittard Chocolate Company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the oldest family owned chocolate company in the United States. Their couverture chocolate is crafted using traditional French methods and only the highest quality ingredients. Guittard is used by top chefs around the world.
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Marin French Cheese
Award winning Marin French Cheese has a unique history of handcrafting traditional and original soft-ripened cheese in Northern California. They are the longest operating cheese company in the US. Their Brie and Camembert are still made in small batches using traditional cultures.
#MarinFrench #TripleCremeBrie
Laura Chenel Chevre
Located in Sonoma, Laura Chenel Chevre follows the fine art of French hand crafted chevre and was the first artisanal domestically-produced goat cheese in the U.S. crafted. Laura Chenel Chevre is revered by chefs and started gaining popularity through its use in some of the best kitchen in the country.
#LauraChenel #Chevre
Dafni Greek Olives
Dafni’s unique soil of its semi-mountainous and coastal area, rich in minerals, in combination with suitable climatic conditions give the olive a unique taste, aroma and consistency of the fruit. Dafni caters their Greek Olives to a large clientele, from small markets to Michelin Star restaurants.
#Dafni #Olives
Ferrarelle Water
Ferrarelle is Italy’s number one sparkling water. It has superior flavor and is soft to the palate. It originates from mineral water springs in the Campania regions of Italy, near Caserta.
#Ferrarelle #Natia
Verdoro is high quality, Italian extra virgin olive oil. It is cold pressed to maintain the natural and original color and flavor of freshly picked olives. This is a great multipurpose olive oil for all kitchens.
#Verdoro #OliveOil
Perfect Puree Juices
Perfect Puree has over 30 fruit and vegetable purees, concentrates, zests, and blends. These products infuse dishes with amazing flavors such as Carmelized Pineapple, Mango, Black Currant, Pink Guava, Tamarind and Roasted Red Pepper.
#PerfectPuree #Flavor
Tampico Spice Company
Tampico Spice Company is a family owned business started in 1947 and is now in its third generation. Tampico processes all spices fresh and in house at their factory in Los Angeles. Their success can be attributed to sourcing only the highest quality spices and offering superior customer service.
#TampicoSpices #FeelingSpicy
Voila Juices
Voila produces a large variety of fresh and pasteurized juices, which have been crowd favorites since the company started in Berkeley in the 1970’s. While the company has grown since it started as a juice stand, the adherence to the same high quality product has remained.
#VoilaJuice #FreshSqueezed
Sisar Creek Olive Oil
Sisar Creek Olive Oil - Delicious, delightful and award winning Organic Mission-Arbequina blend from the beautiful foothills of Ojai in Southern California. Cultivated by hand and tended with the latest in organic field techniques. Recommended for use as a finishing oil.
#CaliforniaMade #Organic #SisarCreek

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Fresh Produce
Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, we are in close proximity and have access to the highest quality produce year around from trusted growers on the Central Coast, San Joaquin Valley and specialty growers along the North Coast.
As certified organic produce distributors, we source the highest quality Certified Organic produce from trusted growers.
Dairy Products
We carry a full line of milk, cream, butter, sour cream, cream cheese and more from Berkeley Farms and Producers Dairy.
We carry a full line of conventional and organic eggs. Our Organic eggs are from local family farm, Glaum Egg Ranch in Santa Cruz County.
Fresh Chicken
We carry fresh chicken available whole cut up as well as boneless breast and thigh packs.
Dried Fruit & Nuts
We carry a large variety of high quality California and specialty dried fruits and nuts.
Beans & Grain
We carry a variety of dry and canned beans, rice and grains such as quinoa and farro.
Pasta & Rice
We carry a variety of specialty Italian pasta and rice from Pegaso including Pennoni Rigati, Calamarati Caserecci, Tarall’oro Barilotti and Carnaroli.
From containers and utensils to napkins, gloves and more, we have consumables that fit your needs.
Local and Imported Cheeses
Local and Imported Cheeses
We work with trusted local and imported cheese suppliers in order to access a large variety of quality cheese. This includes Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Manchego, Fontina, Gouda and more.